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It's surprising how many houses have either no covered entry way at all, or else have one that is merely decorative and offers no real protection from the weather making life difficult while fumbling with your keys with a handful of groceries.


The benefits of a front door overhang include shielding doors and windows, protecting your building's foundation, providing shade and keeping rain away from siding. Porch overhangs eliminate, or at the very least, minimize the possibility of door knobs freezing in the winter. All-around overhangs protect entire building structures.


Properly-installed overhangs are angled to keep harsh weather elements away from doors, windows, foundations, crawlspaces and basements. Buildings with overhangs redirect moisture from rain and snow providing lasting protection to your foundation helping to prevent crumbling and potential mold.


Porch overhangs and awnings provide shade in the summertime, keeping buildings from overheating and creating comfortable spaces for leisure or guests. An added bonus is lower energy consumption ultimately resulting in savings on gas and electric bills.


Total Home Improvement and the Rain Gutter Guy are your experienced go-to experts in porch, window and doorway overhang design and installation. Get with us to get your project underway right away.

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