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Protect your home from water damage with seamless rain gutters!

We specialize in providing gutter and downspout installation to prevent water issues. Having the right gutters is essential to preserving the overall condition of your home or office. Gutters that fail to drain correctly or are clogged can overflow, causing damage to your roof and create pools of water on the ground that can lead to unwanted seepage into your basement or foundation.


Even houses with gutters don’t have systems that are complete and correctly installed. Properly-installed gutter systems consists of seamless gutters on all sloped roof edges. Your gutter system should not allow water to stand or leak and should be fastened securely to the exterior of the structure. Downspouts should not terminate close to the foundation, which is a common mistake that installers and do-it-yourself homeowners make. A minimum of a three-foot diversion needs to be allotted to ensure water does not fall next to the foundation which counteracts the purpose for the installation of the gutter system in the first place.


Total Home Improvement and the Rain Gutter Guy install rain gutter systems for both residential and commercial projects, including 6-inch seamless gutters. We are knowledgeable in not only installing seamless rain gutters, but also maintain and repair rain gutter systems when needed. Routine inspections can eliminate potential issues such as leaks, standing water which invites insects such as mosquitoes and leaf and debris build-up susceptible to fires and deterioration.


Need assistance with rain gutters? Call the "Guy." The Rain Gutter Guy. It's what we do!

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